Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado – The Best of Nelly Furtado

Saturday, 4th December 2010

Louise Gardiner

After ten years as a recording artist, Nelly Furtado has earned herself a greatest hits compilation as testament of her global success. As a multi-platinum artist and Grammy-winner, the Canadian-born singer-songwriter of Portuguese heritage celebrates the release of her first album of smash singles; including the promotional single ‘Night is Young’. Having transformed from quirky new comer to sexy superstar, Furtado has entertained us over the past decade with her eclectic music. From the refreshing pop/hip-hop chants of the debut Whoa Nelly! to the carnal R & B rhythms of the best-seller Loose, Furtado has proven that she has what it takes to maintain a successful career as a unique artist.

The difficulty of putting together such a project is, of course, a challenge in itself. With four albums worth of music compressed into a greatest hits compilation, The Best of Nelly Furtado is a solid introduction to one of the industry’s most progressive artists. As an album with a mammoth of chart-topping hits ranging from the flirtatious ‘Promiscuous’ to the gentle ‘Try’, this compilation chronicles a series of musical styles and cultural influences that make Furtado more than just your average pop star.

Opening with the first single from Whoa Nelly!, ‘I’m like a Bird’ is one of those songs that everyone remembers. Fresh sounding with a hippy vibe, Furtado’s fragile lyrics catapulted her to song-writing stardom. Although the distinctive tone of her vocals are over emphasised on some tracks, there is no denying that the singer has the range to pull off both up-tempo grooves and delicate ballads.

While Folklore might have lacked commercial success, it is nevertheless the artist’s most personal album to date. Listening to the album, Furtado welcomes her Portuguese roots with a diversity of instruments and vocal styles. Having strayed away from the mainstream pop that brought her fame, the joyful yet defiant ‘Powerless’ and the catchy Euro 2004 anthem ‘Forca’ are cultured songs bursting with life.

Fresh faced after motherhood, Furtado’s comeback album Loose exceeded all expectations and turned her into an international superstar. With Timberland’s high quality production, Furtado’s pop-folk sound is replaced with a sexy maturity led by hard-hitting R & B/pop rhythms. While ‘Maneater’ is a pulsating 80s inspired retro club anthem, the mysterious ‘Say it Right’ is consumed with a haunting quality.

With the huge success of Loose under her belt, Furtado recorded Mi Plan, a Spanish-only album. Like Shakira and Christina Aguilera, the language crossover star is savvy in her quest to capture the South American market. Featured on the album is ‘Manos Al Aire’, an easy listening love song with an emphasis on vocals and acoustic accompaniment.

As an album that captures the highlights of Furtado’s diverse career, The Best of Nelly Furtado is a must have for fans and a perfect introduction for those wanting to explore her music. Until the release of her highly anticipated fifth album Lifestyle expected next year, this greatest hits compilation will have you reminiscing over a decade’s worth of outstanding pop music.


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